WorkFrame is a non-profit organization that makes it easier to learn and understand technology.

We operate by starting clubs across different institutions where we make approaching technology simpler for our members. Experienced volunteers can help drive their local WorkFrame club and shape it according to their members' needs.


We help you learn things you can use in the real world today: to find a job, write a paper, or just explore your hobbies. Our volunteers will host sessions from time to time to cover such topics in your club.


We regularly host events like hackathons, cross-college meetups, demos, workshops and seminars. You're welcome to come speak about something you love, teach something new, or just show us what you've been working on.


Need help? Looking for someone to work on a project with you? Or do you just want to meet some like minded people to chat with? Our community is open to everybody.

If WorkFrame isn't in your institution, but you like what we're doing, consider starting a club yourself.

Our primary mode of communication is Slack.
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You can also follow us on social media to stay in the loop about any upcoming events and announcements.

Have a question? Or just want to say hi? Send us an email at hello@workfra.me
If you have any problems, we're happy to help. Contact support@workfra.me

Institutions currently active with WorkFrame :

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